The following policies of procedure govern play at all PKBGT events:



Caddies are not permitted at PKBGT events for all Bell, Prep & Futures Series events unless otherwise noted.  Caddies are permitted in the Discovery Series.


Code of Conduct

PKBGT expects all competitors to adhere to the “Etiquette and Behavior on the Course” section of the USGA Rules of Golf. Entries are subject to rejection at any time, including during the event, by the PKBGT or the host club. The reason for rejection may include unbecoming conduct, did not start (DNS) or no card (NC). Failure to follow the

PKBGT Code of Conduct may result in the competitor’s suspension from participation in future PKBGT competitions.


Course Preparations

The PKBGT staff is responsible for marking a golf course and determining tee and hole locations. Special rules, such as dropping zones, are listed on the Notice to Players.


Discontinuing Play and Cancellations

The PKBGT official-in-charge and the staff of the host club have the authority to discontinue play or cancel a tournament due to inclement weather. If a tournament is cancelled prior to the day or day of play, fees will be refunded. 

Competitors are permitted to discontinue play in accordance with Rule 6-8 (USGA Rules of Golf). The championship committee and the host club superintendent also may discontinue play.  Any interruption of play is noted by a siren blast. When play is discontinued, a competitor should mark and lift her ball. When play is suspended for a dangerous situation, a competitor who is between the play of two holes may not resume play until the committee has ordered a resumption of play. A competitor in any event must discontinue play immediately upon announcement of a dangerous situation.

If conditions become so severe that play cannot be resumed the same day, the event committee may suspend, postpone or cancel the round. When play is suspended, play will be resumed from where it was stopped, and all posted scores stand. When play is postponed, returned scores may be canceled at the discretion of the committee. A postponed round is rescheduled immediately for the following day if possible.


Dress Code

The PKBGT defers to the dress code of a host club but also enforces its own code. Unsuitable attire at events includes: shirts without collars, pants or shorts made of denim, shorts less than Bermuda length, tank tops, T-shirts and cut-offs. Caps must be worn forward.  A competitor who does not conform to the dress code will be asked to change attire prior to her starting time. The penalty for non-compliance is disqualification.



Each competitor must be a member of the PKB Girls’ Golf Tour (PKBGT). Each member must be no older than 18 years

old and not yet started college as of the tournament date.  Each member must also be no younger than 12 years old as of December 31st of the calendar year of the tour season.  A player can play in any tournament during the calendar year that they turn 12.  All members must be permanent or temporary residence in the United States to participate.


Entry Requirements

Each competitor must complete an official online entry.  Entries are accepted until 11:59 p.m. of the closing date or until the field is filled.  Fax, telephone, e-mail, late, or incomplete entries will not be accepted.  The PKBGT is not responsible for error and/or delays with any mail courier or Internet service provider.  Entries are subject to rejection at any time, including during the tournament, by the PKBGT, the PKB Girls’ Golf Tour, or the host club. The reason may include unbecoming conduct. Players failing to show without either notifying the PKBGT office or the host site prior to the event may be subject to rejection from future events.


Field Size

Field sizes are determined by the PKBGT.



Each competitor must walk and carry her own bag (pull carts are allowed if club agrees) during the stipulated round, unless the competitor employs a caddie. Practice rounds are not included in the tournament entry fee.  USGA Rules of Golf govern all competitions. Local rules will be distributed at each site on the 1st tee.


Local Rules

The PKBGT Championship Committee is responsible for preparing and distributing the "Notice to Players," including

all local rules. These are distributed at the starting tees and are available at the starter’s table.


Unless otherwise noted, the following local rules are in effect at PKBGT championships:

  • The "One-Ball Rule" is not in effect.
  • Embedded ball relief is “through the green” except in sand not in closely mown areas.
  • Regular water hazards are identified by yellow stakes and defined by yellow lines. Stakes and lines are deemed to be in a hazard.
  • Lateral water hazards are identified by red stakes and defined by red lines. Stakes and lines are deemed to be in a hazard.
  • Ground under repair is defined by white lines. White-lined areas tying into a cart path are deemed to be part of that obstruction.
  • Out of bounds is defined by the inside points of white stakes at ground level and other items as defined in the Notice to Players.
  • Distance Measuring Devices: A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. However, if, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind-speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used.
  • At clubs which have shoe and spike restrictions, the penalty for non-compliance of the club rule is disqualification.
  • All club dress codes will be observed. The penalty for non-compliance is disqualification.
  • The penalty for non-compliance of the PKBGT prohibition of cell phones (except in the case of an emergency),headphones, MP3 players, beepers, pagers and the like is a warning for the first offense and disqualification for the second offense.


Official Starting Time

Tee Times - The clock at the tee (1st or 10th) where the player begins her stipulated round is the official time of starting. Starters will not page players in advance of their starting time. Players should report to the tee at least five minutes prior to their starting time. Rule 6-3b, Note is in effect (Five Minute Rule).

Shotgun or Simultaneous Start - A player is responsible for being at the assigned tee promptly to begin play on time. If a player arrives late but within five minutes after the assigned starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole instead of disqualification (Rule 6-3b, Note). The assigned starting time for shotgun events is when a) a horn or siren is sounded, b) if no horn or siren is used, when the group can play without interference or c) if the player is in the second group to start on an assigned hole, when that group can play without interference.


Pace of Play

The PKBGT is concerned about the pace of play. Following the lead of the USGA, the PKBGT has developed a pace of play policy, based on Rule 6-7, that is fair to every competitor. Pace of play regulations are stated on the championship local rules sheet. As a general rule, these include: Any competitor who is discovered taking more than 40 seconds to play a stroke is subject to a warning for slow play and will be advised of the fact. The competitor will be notified that exceeding 40 seconds on one more occasion will result in a penalty of one stroke in stroke play or loss of hole in match play. A third violation will result in a two stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in match play, followed by disqualification for a fourth violation.  A warning is any notice given to a competitor regarding pace of play.  A competitor’s time to play begins when the competitor has had a reasonable opportunity to reach his or her ball and when it is the competitor’s turn to play and can do so without interference or distraction. Penalties are applied individually, but more than one competitor in a group may be penalized.  In general, competitors in a group are subject to being timed at any time but specifically when the group is deemed to be out of position and over the allotted pace of play guidelines.


Pairings and Starting Times

The PKBGT is responsible for making pairings and starting times, for making these available to competitors and for conducting events. Preferences for starting times and pairings are not granted. Pairings are made to facilitate efficacious completion of a championship. Tee times and pairings cannot be altered after close of entries.  Pairings and starting times are available at the PKBGT office and on the PKBGT website two days prior to the start of competition.  Competitors are responsible for ascertaining starting times and should be ready to play at the assigned tee at least ten minutes prior to the starting time.


Practice Rounds

The PKBGT typically does not include practice rounds with events.  Information about practice round fees and availability are available in the “Plan for this Tournament” section on the tournament page.


Refund & Withdrawal Policy

Click here to see the tour refund & withdrawal policy

Score Cards

If a defined scoring area exist, a card is deemed returned to the committee when the player leaves this scoring area.  In the absence of a defined scoring area, a card is deemed returned to the committee when the score is posted on the official scoreboard. No alteration may be made on a scorecard by a competitor after it is returned to the committee. Competitors are encouraged to remain in the scoreboard area until their scores are posted.


Starting Times

Tee time assignments will be made available at the host site two days prior to the event and at  Official tee block for each event is available prior by clicking on the “Plan for your event” link on the Tournament Page.